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CUSTOM Software Solutions

Custom Software Development Solutions Deliver Significant Benefits To Every Business Area, Department & Organisation As A Whole. 

Over the years our team built and successfully delivered various custom software solutions for our clients. Some of these solutions grouped per business departments are listed below. 


Executive Management

Senior executives & directors require real time data about company’s performance and control over the execution of company’s key processes & activities. 

Some of the custom software solutions which provide great benefits to senior executives are listed below: 

  • Centralized Performance Reporting via Dashboards 
  • Company Risk Management 
  • Business Project Portfolio Management 
  • Compliance Audit Reporting 
  • Other Custom Solutions 


Sales department is of significant importance to every business. This is where customer cycles start and revenue/profit gets generated. Providing sales team with powerful software tools makes them so much more successful. 

Some of the custom software solutions built for sales departments are listed below: 

  • CRM Extensions 
  • Sales Force Mobile Enablement 
  • Customer Online Stores
  • Customer Online Portals 
  • Customer Reward Programs Management 
  • Price Lists Management 
  • Other Custom Solutions 


Marketing departments create awareness, generate demand, build the brand value and so much more. Enabling marketing department to do their job more effectively delivers significant benefits to the business.

Some of the custom software solutions built for marketing departments are listed below:

  • Marketing Campaigns Management
  • Leads Management Systems
  • Partners/Channel Portal  
  • Customers Content Management
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Other Custom Solutions 


Operations connect all business entities into one seamless whole. Efficiencies and effectiveness of executing key operation activities has direct impact on customer satisfaction, cost of doing business and its profitability.  

Some of the custom software solutions built for operations departments are listed below: 

  • Clients Onboarding 
  • Clients Support Management 
  • Streamlining Customer Administration 
  • Centralized Projects Management 
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Other Custom Solutions  

HR & Finance

Human Resources and Finance departments play vital roles for every business. From talent discovery and recruitment to processing customer invoices and payments. 

Some of the custom software solutions built for HR & Finance departments are listed below: 

  • HR Requests Management 
  • Careers/Jobs Portal 
  • Risks Modellers
  • Financial Reserve Modellers
  • Data Analysis & Mining 
  • Other Custom Solutions 


Information Technology

Information Technology department is the engine which ensures that all business transactions are seamlessly processed.

Some of the custom software solutions built for Information Technology departments are listed below:

  • Service Desk/ITSM Extensions 
  • Incident/Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Change Requests Management
  • Assets Management
  • Critical Notifications Management
  • Other Custom Solutions